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DCB Communications works with entrepreneurial-minded companies – new or established – to create marketing, communications and public relations strategies that help them reach their goals. The tools vary, but the common thread is happy clients who get results.

Denise BonniwellFounded in 2004 by Denise Bonniwell, DCB Communications has “put on the map” many successful companies who were flying under the radar. We’ve worked extensively in two of the hottest markets for start-ups and entrepreneurial companies: Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas.

Denise’s experience with advertising and PR agencies, corporations and start-ups helped her realize she loves working with entrepreneurial-minded companies. They have passion, energy and a willingness to stretch their boundaries. We’re the same way, which is why we love what we do.

DCB Communications engages with clients in the manner that is best for them. Some clients want an outsourced marketing department, and appreciate that they are receiving greater expertise at a lower cost than an internal staff. Others contract with us on a project-by-project basis, and corporations hire us to provide high-level strategy and support while their staff implements our recommendations.

Founder and President, Denise Bonniwell

Denise Bonniwell, Founder & President of DCB Communications, Inc. and former corporate stress-case, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and companies thrive and prosper.

After working with Prudential Healthcare for five years, going through a Prudential Healthcare/Aetna merger and receiving a welcomed severance package, Denise changed direction and focused on the high-tech market. She landed a coveted position with a software start-up and quickly realized that an office filled with programmers working 24 X 7 in dark offices wasn’t her thing, despite the free sodas. Continuing in high-tech, she moved on to product management at Compaq/Hewlett-Packard, relieving her from a long commute but not fulfilling her passion for communications.

Her last straw with corporate life was the lack of control she had with dreaded quarterly layoffs. In 2004, she took her destiny into her own hands, starting DCB Communications. In entrepreneurial fashion, she developed her branding, messaging and services, and was thrilled to land her first client before she even left corporate America.

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Women for Woman International

PACE Youth Programs

In lieu of sending client holiday gifts, we donate to these organizations throughout the year. Through these efforts, we help other entrepreneurs, we help women who are shaping their family’s future – and youth who are tomorrow’s future.

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